Monday, December 27, 2010

Tea Cosies

I'm in desperate need of a new tea cosie, and have always been surprised at how difficult it is to find really nice ones. Harry and Anna,some friends of mine in London, said they saw some amazing tea cosies in the markets when on a trip to India - but taht is a long way away and seems like a rather expensive option just to buy a tea cosie! So, what are the alternatives? Well, I have been a member of the Etsy community for nearly two years now with our shop Mackenzie Frames, so I've had a little looksey in the cosy shops there and found some great cosies to suit all tastes.

This one  quite took my fancy, it reminded me of my visits to Texas many years ago! What do you think? 

                                             This tea cosie is made by Diane Tubb Designs

If you love cats, then you will love this one, so cute!

                                           The cosie is made by Britgal Designs again on Etsy

And now for something completely different. A plain and simple design and oh so elegant - yes - even tea cosies can be elegant!

                               Argle Street really does have some beautiful and practical designs
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