Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Green and Pink Housing Post Tsunami Sri Lanka

I just had to show you these Two Little houses that I discovered through a photographer from England that I found on twitter. His name is Logan MacDougal and I do recomend you read his blog about his trip to Sri Lanka.

I just fell in love with the colors of these beautifully designed houses. The pastel colors are ideal for a hot warm climate near the sea. I am so glad that at last something  good has come out of the terrible tragidy they suffered all those years ago.

I am intriged to know how they are made, it looks like a lime or clay exterior finish to me. If any one has more information I would love to know - natural finishes are a bit of a passion with me!

Monday, April 11, 2011

DIY Shabby Chic White Frame For Wall Display Part 3

Adding a Little Extra - How did you get on with renovating your frame? Love to know, do leave a comment if you have time! Anyway, at the end of PART TWO I mentioned that I wanted to do a little more work on the other frame I was 'shabby chicing', so here we go if you want to follow along.

Next coat of paint - White I think - I've used a basic Liquitex artists acrylic that I first sponged lightly on the frame, and then applied a little more with a small (1/4 inch) flat brush to give a stippling effect which adds more texture on the flatter sections of the frame. This soon dries and is ready to have it's 'splatter' spots.  Mix a little of the first color that we used in Part Two, and with a dry hard brush, start splattering the paint onto the frame with your finger (practice a bit first on some paper). All you need to do now is add a little bees wax and buff to a soft sheen, or apply an acrylic mat varnish to give your finish some protection.  And there you have it - another shabby chic frame to add to your collection of empty frames to display on the wall!

Hope you have fun with your DIY Projects. If you REALLY haven't the time to DIY, but would still like to collect some Shabby Chic Frames, then I am selling these pieces in my new ARTFIRE STORE, so go have a look!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Romantic Style - My Lovely Prize Book!

I just had to take a little time here and tell you about a wonderful interior design book that I was lucky enough to win in the prize giveaway run by Mandy at her lovely blog à-la-parisienne  and also Debbie from powder-blue who donated the book.

What Luck!

It's called 'Romantic Style' and if like me, you love the 'Shabby Chic' look in all its forms, then put your hand in your purse and get out the plastic! This book is going to give you lots of ideas and inspiration for decorating your home.

Selina Lake and Sara Norman together with their photographer, Debi Treloar, have produced a well laid out book that illustrates the different aspects of romantic style decor, and I'll have to say that Debi Treloar's photos of the homes they have chosen, are truly inspiring.

I particularly like the mix of vintage finds with decoration which doesn't cost an arm and a leg that we can easily do ourselves. All you need are a few ideas of color matching, start hunting through garage or car boot sales for bits 'n bobs that the sellers might not want, but you can find just the right spot for, and it probably only needs a bit of a clean or perhaps a paint job to give it a new lease of life.

Well, this is just my slant on Romantic Style. I know for sure, as soon as you start leafing through you own copy, you will find lots of other ideas and inspirations that you can particularly relate to your own home decoration.

If you would like to buy the book, you can go to the publisher's website:

The price is: £19.99 or $29.95

Title: Romantic Style

Authors: Selina Lake & Sara Norrman

Photographer: Debi Treloar

ISBN No: 978-1-84975-040-0
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